Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Into The Wild

Day 4

Nothing beats starting the day with an art project!

Our second day of work included more painting, more siding, laying the forms for the driveway, and cutting and nailing baseboards. I can say with certainty that I learned so many new things -- how to use a chop saw, an air nail gun, and  the difference between inner and outer facing angles.... #measuretwicecutonce.

Joy, one of the family members living next door baked us cookies, and Cathy, who also lives in a Habitat home, prepared us a great casserole lunch. I'm not sure any of us can spell Macadamia. We seemed to confuse it with academia... the confusion continues!


After lunch, Stu kindly took us out for a little walk to see the eagles, catching the warm thermals. We caught sight of a few playing together. Like so much of the views here in Whitehorse, it was stunning and beautiful.

 (if you look closely you can see there are two eagles flying about)

Stu, giving us impeccable directions, as always

We ended our work day a bit early so we could visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, and then visit the Tahkini hot springs.

When one of the guides, Kaitlyn, heard that Barry Ferguson was among us, she excitedly told us that he was the reason she attended Waterloo!! It was no surprise to us that she'd been inspired by Barry. It was a really sweet moment.

 We saw some pretty impressive wildlife, including mule deer, elk, muskox, ground squirrels (that run about everywhere!), bison, caribou, and arctic foxes.


How many mule deer do you see??

Ah and the elusive moose... did you know there are two moose for every person in the Yukon? 

 Then there was this weird animal... really not sure what species it is....

 The hot springs were, well, hot. But just what our muscles needed! We'll be rested for tomorrow :)

Each day just gets better and better (and more wild!).


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