Sunday, August 3, 2014

Glorious Sunday

Day 2!

This glorious Sunday has been action packed. It was a day of spoils, in the best sense of the word. We started the day with legendary breakfasts, and a meeting where we got to know each other a bit better. So what did we learn? Erin and Ann are the only two with tattoos, several of us ladies packed 5 pairs of shoes, and, if we're ever stranded on an island together, we're convinced that Angela can build us the internet, and Mike has promised us some Beef Wellington.

Another warm and sunny day, and a the whole afternoon was ours for the taking! Here's a peek at some of the things we did.

Ridin' a trolley:

Getting educated at the museum

 At first we thought both Ann and Michelle were wearing Mountie gear, but then we had a closer look...

Stu, who is easily the kindest and most generous Yukon-er we know, took some of us on a beautiful hike in Fish Lake.

Stu made sure we were prepared for anything and everything, including bugs, sunburns, and bears! We didn't see any on the hike (though we saw one later while driving), but we certainly thought we were about to meet a big animal of some kind. It started with quiet, rhythmic panting, then louder... then even louder, startling barking... and then we saw that it was just a tired little pug!

We ended the day with a beautiful, delicious meal, hosted by Stu. I'm telling you, we were spoiled. Rockfish curry, elk + blueberry and bison + cranberry sausages, and killer brownies. Stu, his wife Cindy, and his son Sandy went all out.

Stu had one more special gift for each of us... which Jen kindly modeled for us!

Tomorrow is our first day on the build site. Cool gear and hard hats aside, I think we're all excited for the work ahead. It's still bright and sunny out, and its 10pm. What a day!


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